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Defender has been featured in several trade publications as a recognized expert and innovator in the security field.


PRIVATE WEALTH - May/June 2009 Issue
Why Investigate? - By Mitch Gitter
Even good gut instincts arenít enough to see through an experienced fraudster.


PRIVATE WEALTH - August/September 2008 Issue
The Criminal Mind - By Russ Alan Prince, Mitch Gitter, Hannah Shaw Grove
Knowing as much as possible about how criminals think and act will lead to better security for your wealthy clients.


PRIVATE WEALTH - April/May 2008 Issue
Safe & Sound - By Hannah Shaw Grove, Mitch Gitter
Common approaches taken by private security professionals to help wealthy individuals and families protect human and capital assets.


PRIVATE WEALTH - October/November 2007 Issue
Pre-emptive Strike - By Mitch Gitter , Hannah Shaw Grove
Personal security has emerged as a top concern among the wealthy in recent years.


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How To Keep A Billionaire Safe – by Andrew Farrell

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